you really are an angel and everybody should know that.  Take care Thank you again Francesco

you really are an angel and everybody should know that.

Take care
Thank you again

You said in our first session that what we were about to go through would change my life forever and I can honestly say, thats exactly what has happened. It was only this morning that I woke up feeling a sort of weightlessness in my head. There was a sense of no worry or Anxiety. It felt so good that I laughed with tears in my eyes for a minute or two because I realised how far I had come and there is no way I could have done this without your input and help.
— Niall C
Sean, You make what you do sound easy. However you have helped my whole family to find happiness and peace of mind.
Although we all had our different issues you found a way within each of us to find our true self again. This is the greatest gift we have ever been given. We were all together last week at a family gathering.(This would have been impossible only a short time ago). Your name came up and, I want to let you know, everyone of us are so grateful to you. Thank you so much.
Never stop doing what you do. The world needs you!
— Caroline R
Following a very stressful 12 months. I was in deadlock and fearful for changes that the future held. On recommendation I came to see you, not knowing what to expect. I have to say that each consultation was so inspiring. I did not realise that I was wasting lots of energy on the, what ifs.
Sean, thanks again for your reassurance. I am now in a better place as a result of my time spent in your presence.
— Maureen
Hi Sean,
I just want to start with a big thank you. I have never really thanked you. What you do is amazing and how you helped myself and other people is just wonderful. You helped so many people in changing their lives, in how they think, understand and are aware of how powerful our minds are, including me.
You really have helped me help me and I just want to say a big big thank you.
— Leanne
Hi Sean,
Firstly, I want to say thank you. I know it’s your job, but it’s a pretty great job that can have such a positive impact on someone’s life. As you know blushing was a massive issue for me for as long as I can remember. At school, college and since I started my career I would have spent time every day worrying about getting embarrassed, to the extent that I’d put things off and avoid conversations with people. After my last session with you, I was still expecting it to happen. At work, I wasn’t getting embarrassed but I’d get that anxious feeling I always got prior to getting embarrassed, but that’s as far as it went. It was the fear of it happening, but after a week or so I realised I wasn’t going to blush and then that horrible feeling disappeared also. Everyday things like discussions with the partners, colleagues and speaking within a group situation have become a novelty! It’s absolutely brilliant.
Thank you again.
— Olivia.
A month today since I had the pleasure of meeting you Sean. So far, So good. All still so clear (and so simple) in my mind. Many thanks for your much-needed help.
Kind Regards
— Sharon
I feel much more relaxed about sleeping and feel unafraid as I sleep. I feel very energised since we met. It really helped to clarify stuff that was holding me back from living in the present. Staying in the moment and appreciating the life I have is also making my life very manageable and enjoyable. Overall I am very pleased. Many thanks
— Michele
As promised, an update on how the interview went.
As opposed to other occasions I would be very bothered prior to the interview about sweating. The result, I would sweat considerably and that would become the dominant concern for me. This time it was different. Firstly, I could not focus on the sweat issue prior to the interview, even if I tried. This resulted in me being focussed on the interview rather than how I could mask the sweat issue. Once in the interview itself, yes, there was sweat, nothing compared to previous occasions. It did not bother me and I could not focus on it. I was aware but unconcerned. Which is an amazing result from my perspective.
Thank you very much for your assistance and for facilitating me at such short notice. I really appreciate it and will have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone I know who would benefit from your service.
Kind regards
— PK
“Hi Sean,
Thanks so much for a wonderful insight into the world of thoughts, feelings, ego & self.
It was my first time to attend and I was engrossed from beginning to end. The 2 and a half hours flew.” Y.

You have a real talent for explaining things to make them relate to everyday life. It’s clear you have a passion for what you do.
I hope to get back soon for more.
Thanks for sharing your wisdom.
— Karen
Hi Sean,
I wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the session yesterday.
Firstly I had an amazingly peaceful night sleep and was up early with no anxiety at all.
My session this morning where I got three needles went better than expected.
The fridge at the local pharmacy had broken so my injections were delayed for two hours while they sourced more vaccine. I was not a bit anxious while I waited in the surgery and was instead calming this lovely old lady who was nervous about getting her blood taken. The needles bit went without any problems- I was actually surprised at how painless it was.
So thanks again, I am confident that your session was the sole reason I was able to face my fear.

All the best,
— Sandra
I came to see you One year ago this week, suffering with tremendous fear and anxieties. I was incapable of mixing with the smallest groups of people. I had turned myself into a recluse for most of my life. With your incredible way of explaining things you helped me gain a deep insight into my thoughts and helped me to see that my “freely” made decisions shows that it was never my original and true nature to be a recluse. This still is immensely enlightening and reassuring. I am happy to tell you Sean that I am very pleased with the
outcome. I feel more positive, energised and open to others. I am now 81 years old and can finally be my true self and that’s nice.
Thank you and God bless you now and always.
— Eddie Brady
You help me immensely Sean, in enabling me to gain a new and more accurate picture of my character and motivations. It has been immensely enlightening and reassuring. I was much impressed by your ability to listen 100 %. Your therapy must be still helping me because although I am near 85 yo,
I still feel young at heart. So sincere gratitude Sean. Happy days and every joy
— Eddie Brady
The simplicity of it all still amazes me, But I suppose sometimes you just need to be shown what’s right in front of you. Thank you once again Sean for everything. I can’t emphasize enough how much I appreciate it
— Niall
I really just want to thank you Sean, For helping me to find the peace I am feeling. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t wake up feeling so blessed to be at peace with myself and to have crossed paths with you. Kindest of Kind regards and peace.
— Clare
The anxious thoughts are literally non existent and I am truly at peace in my mind, body and spirit.
The revelation in my last session with you made such amazing sense to me, about how I unconsciously put myself through anxious thoughts so that I won’t feel them in the future. It really struck a chord with me.
Nobody needs to live a life of fear or limitation. Everybody has the ability to live a life of freedom with peace of mind. Its a case of Mining, not manufacturing that Freedom, it’s already there. Just like Gold or Silver we only have to find it again.
— Sean
I still can’t thank you enough for all of your help this year. You have such a fantastic way of helping people and I wish all of my friends could visit you because they could really do with it but I guess I am the lucky one out of the group ;) thanks a million for your hard work this year
— Alannah