Transformational coach and leading hypnotherapist Sean Flanagan helps a guest on RTE's Seoige show to overcome a fear of heights.

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How I see Hypnosis.:

In the Seventeen years or so that I have been practising hypnosis, there has been such a change as in how people see it. Thankfully, it has become so much more mainstream and more of an acceptable way to deal with issues that limit our ability to be our best self.

For me, Hypnosis is a very practical tool that we have at our disposal in modern life, when used by an experienced practitioner like myself.

Through scientific research we can now strip away all the mystique that has surrounded it for so many years and see it for what it really is. The ability to hypnotise is not a gift that some are born with. It is a skill that we learn. Using therapy alongside hypnosis is where the real ability to help someone lies. Hypnosis doesn’t heal or fix a person in itself. It simply allows you access to your deeper mind, where all your learned behaviours reside.

Having access to this part of your mind allows you to influence these learned behaviours and basically update them to how you want to see and do things in your present, without the contamination of the past behaviours.

Hypnosis itself is like the car key. The key allows you access to the ignition to start the car but it won’t drive the car. Hypnosis allows the access to your subconscious mind, but it won’t “Fix” the problem.

In my practice this is where the therapy and transformational coaching step in and help. As you benefit from my understanding of how all of this works I will guide you to a new understanding that will comfortably allow you to make your desired changes possible and equally as important, Permanent.