We are not afraid of what we think we are afraid of. We are afraid of what we think about it
— Sean

Every day this debilitating fear causes unnecessary distress to thousands of people here in Ireland . People who may be confident in other areas of their life will deliberately avoid situations because these feelings are so powerful.

They miss out on family occasions or business opportunities, rather than face the prospect of speaking in public. They turn down job offers where presentations would be part of the job, restricting their lives and careers needlessly.

These feelings are more than the average concerns most people would have about being centre of attention and having to speak. Like all overwhelming fears the symptoms often include:

Shortness of breath, Rapid Breathing, Sweating, Feelings of dread, Panic, Mind racing, Faint feelings, blushing.

Do you recognise these symptoms ?

Using Hypnotherapy and Transformational coaching. I will quickly and comfortably help to uncover and remove the root cause of the symptoms. No matter what the fear has attached itself to.

Transformational coach and leading Hypnotherapist Sean Flanagan helps a guest on RTE's Seoige show to overcome a fear of heights.

Nobody needs to suffer from fear or anxiety.

Many of my clients have, in the past, been prescribed sedative medication to numb their anxieties during and leading up to presentation or maybe a speech at a wedding

Drugs don't cure phobias.

Medication can be used, but like all anxiety medication, the symptoms return once the medication leaves the system.

I will use Hypnotherapy and Transformational coaching to offer you a drug free and permanent solution.

Sean asked me to let him know how the speech went. The speech went really well. People were commenting on how eloquent the speech was! I could not believe it. Also, during the speech, I was very relaxed. I got compliments for the rest of the day on it - to such an extent I thought people were taking the mick but they were not. It was a great sense of achievement.
Thanks again.
— Ronan (Dublin)


The root cause of why we suffer with anxiety and fear may differ. But in general the subconscious memory of an event or an opinion we had about ourself in the past can cause the emotion to remain in the subconscious until they are released. It is a perception of danger that is not understood in the conscious mind. The person may say “ I don’t need to feel this way” but the reason for the feeling is no longer in the conscious memory. All the person feels is fear, dread and an overwhelming desire to get out of a situation or to avoid it all together.

Here’s how Hypnotherapy and Transformational coaching will help to remove the fear of public speaking:

Hypnotherapy will quickly and comfortably help to uncover and remove the root cause of the symptoms.

Transformational coaching will allow you to understand the process of thinking and to see the absolute choice you have in which thoughts you personalise.

Blending Hypnotherapy and Transformational coaching together has led me to develop a powerful formula to swiftly resolve all kinds of issues that have limited a person ability to experience a Richer and fuller Life.

In most cases this treatment requires a short course of approximately three to four sessions in which the link is made with the thoughts and memories and the trapped emotions released .

Hi Sean,
Thought I’d drop you a line to let you know how my presentations went.
In summary - superb. I was quite hyper before the presentation on Monday (“Buzzing” as one colleague called me), But when I gave the presentation I was nicely calm. Tuesday’s presentation was even better. Ultra calm, I was just so relaxed.
I have been asked to re-present my presentations to a different group and am actually looking forward to it! How Bizarre!
Thanks for all your help.
— Aidan Mc